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Male nudism and outsdoors BDSM

A bi-sexual male describes his most bizarre sessions as SM-slave to please weird fantasies of Mistresses and gay Masters. Each topic is illustrated with free nude pics showing frontal male nudity in BDSM and bondage scenes as well as in mud.

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Naked crucified slave

Ever dreamed about a crucified naked man swinging his vulnurable bodyhelpless back and forth?

For many people this is a dream they keep anxiously for themself assuming itis beyond reality.

As sm submissive slut, i exposed my body to various suspension techniques, including crucifixion. Suspended with most of the body weighthanging at the wrists so that the body hangs in a T-shape position on a cross.This is extremely painful for the musscles in the arms, shoulders and chest andlimits breathing capacity to a minimum. Very few submissives accept to undergothis kind of extreme SM.

In most cases the crucifixion session is the climax after several hours of SMexposure.  Crucifion involves many Sado masochist aspects:

  • the long foreplay involves much humiliation while my naked body undergoes    whipping, spanking, bondage, etc
  • to get my body properly on the cross i'l totally delivered to the    executers,
  • either i'm tied on the cross on the ground or vertical with a temporary    support.
  • Once ready to hang, putting the cross vertical requires the presence of at    least two men which is ok for group sessions.
  • The suspension mostly goes with a shock of pain hampering to breath.
  • Further whipping or other torture add rather little to the sensation of    pain caused by hanging crucified.
  • After a crucifixion session arms and shoulders feel paralyzed and my    totally exhaused body totally exposed to any sexual use that one can make of    it.

Although both men and women got me crucified, most interest comes from gaymen. Interested to have your crucifixion dream fulfilled with my body? Inquireabout the availability of my body: sm8591 at

sm8591 offered as crucifixion slut

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Naked Male crucifixtion

would love to join in and experience the hanging on the cross,have been hung by the wrists to the bannisters and been put on Tiptoes,it does get You and You squirm and wriggle around to try and get comfy but you cant,Master left slave for Half an hour,accept the thrashings and punishment before being put on the cross
14:38, 2010-Sep-4 .. Posted by

Such a turn on would love to hang on there myself

and get whipped with a bullwhip, horsewhip, wire whip, even take a piece of barbed wire to me. Would love to be sucking your cock while bound and whipped so delicious
09:10, 2011-Jan-12 .. Posted by
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